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Training platforms - sink or soar?

Are training platforms effective? We will find out by analyzing one of them - Gold Bussines. Go to the website and find out more.

Training platform allows for aggregating many courses in one place. Some people consider it a practical and modern way to obtain knowledge, and others - as a needless copying of content that isn’t very revealing. Is it worthwhile to use an online learning platform?

The increasing popularity of investment

While mentioning the training platforms we can’t ignore the subjects of the trainings and courses. The ones that is gaining the most popularity belong to the investment section. It coincides with the growing percentage of Poles who have put aside some capital in the form of savings, but also due to the trend of self-development. Many people also see investments as a way to abandon their full time job to pursue their own business.

Investing without training? Bravery or stupidity?

Starting your own investment is not easy, however. Especially when you have no contacts and a vast capital to employ a finance advisor. Which is why more and more small businesses and private persons decide to do training about investing, but also personal development, finance and stress management. As an effect, they reach out for online trainings more often.

Online courses are becoming fashionable not only because of a big demand for similar services, but also due to their convenience. People seem to prefer learning online, from the comfort of their own home, rather than going to stationery courses. Undoubtedly, this method saves time and usually does not require adjusting their schedule to fit the course’s harmonogram.

Pros and cons of online trainings

We already mentioned the comfort, but another advantage of online courses is undoubtedly the abundance of available materials. Stationery courses are usually the option only for the people living in larger cities, where the choice of these kind of courses is proportionally the biggest, but the inhabitants of smaller towns rarely have this opportunity. Online training platforms are democratizing the access to the knowledge among people from bigger and smaller cities and villages.

The main con of the online trainings, however, can be the lack of opportunity to verify your progress. Traditional learning requires the presence of a teacher, who would correct the students’ mistakes - in many cases of online courses it’s up to the students themselves to correct their mistakes and properly interpret the materials. However, some platforms use consultants or advanced scripts to check the progress and correct mistakes.

Choose your specialisation - Gold Business

One of the most interesting options for people seeking courses on the topic of investments is the Gold Business training platform. On the platform’s website we’ll find sets of dedicated courses, webinars, e-books, and guides about investing, online earnings or managing your own business. It’s probably Poland’s first aggregation of resources about investment and personal development.

What discerns Gold Business is an individual approach to their clients. Before they begin their course, everybody gets a detailed diagnosis with the help of an appropriately trained advisor, who will establish the aim of the training, its range, and the skills to be trained. The variety of offered courses is quite wide - aside from standard trainings about earning money online or managing your own business, we’ll also find special courses about investing in cryptocurrency or working as a freelancer via the Internet.

How does Gold Business work and how to use it?

To use the individual trainings pack, you need to fill out a contact form on the platform’s website. Within 24 hours a consultant will contact you to proceed with the initial diagnosis that we mentioned above. After the talk and establishing the aim of the course, the client will receive a package paid on delivery via mail, containing the activation password for their account. It should be used - again on the Gold Business website - and you will be able to see the training page.

Additionally, the VIP model, aside form the courses, also offers the participation in Gold Business Club special events and access to news and newest analyses from the business world.

Gold Business - our opinions

Gold Business is a good choice for both beginner and advanced investors. The convenience of use and a wide variety of offered materials makes it worth recommending for anyone interested in investments, earning online and self development. Their best idea seems to be the initial consultations, which allows for an individual approach to each participant and choosing the packets adjusted to the level of the platform’s user.

Gold Business sports the opinions of a solid aggregator of investment training. For now just a small circle of clients is using it, but the site is sure to develop in the future. It’s definitely worthwhile to observe its progress - it’s a must for investment enthusiasts.

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