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Interview with Prof Graham La Roux

Professor Graham is a renowned specialists in the field of investing in cryptocurrencies, who is gaining more and more popularity among finance specialists, investors, scientists and mathematicians. That’s because of his regular publications, lectures, and… theories.

Professor Graham is a renowned specialists in the field of investing in cryptocurrencies, who is gaining more and more popularity among finance specialists, investors, scientists and mathematicians. That’s because of his regular publications, lectures, and… theories. This French professor is famous for his theories about cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them. We managed to contact the professor and talk about these and a few other topics.


Hello Professor, I admit that contacting you was not easy. Where are you currently?

Hello Mr. Franklin, I’m sorry for the difficulty, but I’m very overworked. You caught me in Brussels, on EC Conference: Promoting Sustainable Finance. Some of the topics discussed are worldwide financial stability and the role of cryptocurrency in the upcoming future. I was asked to give a lecture about the idea of popularising cryptocurrencies among the users, as well as to take part in a discussion panel concerning modern payment methods.

May we asked how it went?

Of course! During the lecture I talked about a few most significant cryptocurrencies, including American Ripple, which I have been observing for the past few years. For a long time, this e-coin was only used by banks, corporations, and worldwide companies - which sparked my interest. However, currently private users utilize it as well, thanks to which it’s getting more and more popular. And that’s what my lecture was about - the spread of e-coins and their practical use. During the discussion panel, on the other hand, I presented cryptocurrencies as the modern form of money.

Do you often do lectures like that?

Not too often. Usually I’m presenting mainly in my company, where I train young specialists on cryptocurrency investments. I mostly give lectures in my alma mater, Economy School of Harvard, and University of Houston, where I currently reside. I rarely show up on international conferences, as I dislike cameras, flashing and “fame”. I’m here to promote cryptocurrencies rather than myself.

Right, I wanted to ask about that - why cryptocurrencies?

I personally believe it’s a modern payment method that is sure to overthrow traditional money in the future. It’s because they are universal. I travel a lot and my two most problematic points are visa and currency. Visa is a formal problem, so there’s not much we can do about it, but the currency… I think we can try to change that. As soon as countries enable the use of e-coins, the payment system will become much easier. We will be able to make fast transactions without looking for a cantor or paying the high bank fees for money transfer. These days, when people travel a lot more than they used to, a solution like that would prove very useful. Moreover, it’s already happening in Russia, France, USA, Great Britain, Japan. Try to order some food from a website, I’m sure there will be a way to pay with crypto.

Indeed, there is such an option. Ok, the practical application makes sense, but what about investing?

Cryptocurrencies follow a few simple rules of investing, unlike forex, binary options and markets. Those platforms are just big variables that often work to the user’s disadvantage. Increasingly more people complain about being tricked by their broker or a brokerage firm, who worked to their disadvantage. Moreover… they are very complicated investing instruments.Cryptocurrencies, however, can be compared to investing in gold.

Gold? Where is that comparison coming from?

The classic way of investing in gold includes its obtaining, keeping, and then selling once the price is right. The longer we keep the gold, the more we can profit from it, since it’s price is regularly increasing. Cryptocurrencies are almost the same.


Meaning you just have to buy it, keep it, and then sell at the right time. You only need to buy the cryptocurrency, keep it in your e-wallet, check the cryptomarket situation from time to time, and then sell your e-coin once its price increases.

That seems easy enough, but how to earn and store the e-coin?

That is also easy. You need to create an account on a virtual e-wallet and then buy the cryptocurrency through the cryptomarket or a crypto-cantor, transfer them to your account, regularly check their worth and finally sell them.

I admit it’s easy, but mostly for people who have some experience with investing. What abou amateurs, who don’t have the knowledge and are just starting to invest?

That’s where the intermediaries, who offer so-called “packets with cryptocurrency”, come into play. Some companies offer products consisting of educational materials and cryptocurrency. Thanks to these materials the clients can learn the basics of investing, and the cryptocurrency is bought and kept by the intermediary untill the asset is sold. That way the client has full access without having to set up their own e-wallet. That method seems to be the easiest one.

I agree it can be an interesting option. To close the topic of cryptocurrencies, I’d like to ask about your favourite - why Ripple?

Personally, I invest in Ripple, because that American e-coin is developing over the years in every aspect. The greatest corporations reach out to use it, as well as banks, companies, companies, and now even private investors. In my opinion, this e-coin will soon catch up or even surpass Bitcoin. So if I am to invest in anything, then I invest in Ripple.

Well said. So, thank you for the interesting talk and good luck with future presentations.

You’re welcome, and thank you for the intriguing questions. Cheers.


Interviewer: Franklin Steel  



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