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The art of investing - the Cryptoeddu platform

Learning how to invest from scratch via the Internet is the fastest way to start making your first profitable investments. But what should you invest in and how to get hold of helpful training materials amongst a multitude of poor-quality investment guides?

Investing in cryptocurrency... is it worth it?

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If specialists are to be believed, in 2019, about one hundred billion dollars was invested in cryptocurrency, which meant a 75% increase in capitalisation compared to 2018. This is due to the constantly growing positive trend in this market. The highest share of capital was invested in Bitcoin – this seems understandable, as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and it has additionally been experiencing a boom in recent months. The Ripple cryptocurrency took second place in the popularity ranking, followed by Ethereum. It seems, therefore, that experts have again recognised that cryptocurrency can be a valuable investment asset, which may translate into higher returns in the coming months.


Most interesting assets

Ripple was deemed to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies currently available. Based on a real-time billing system of the same name, Ripple is mainly used by banks and large financial institutions. The Ripple cryptocurrency can be used to make incredibly flexible, immediate transactions using a very large number of tokens. Used by more than 100 banks, the use of the Ripple cryptocurrency is probably the most reminiscent of playing on the forex market of all known cryptocurrency investments. Therefore, Ripple is mostly purchased by entrepreneurs connected with the global money market. Another widely promoted option is Stellar Lumen.

Stellar Lumen, although associated with Ripple, differs from it in many ways. Lumens uses a different protocol to Ripple, and unlike most cryptocurrencies, Stellar does not use the authentication protocol but instead operates using the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). SCP is designed to enable fast and secure payments with any person located in any corner of the world. Moreover, the Stellar SCP code allows the use of Lumens without having to mine them. The inability to mine this cryptocurrency was considered to be a controversial decision – some experts claim that without mining, Stellar Lumens is less decentralised and less secure than Bitcoin.


How can you start investing?

Online training is one of the most convenient forms of expanding your knowledge. Until a dozen or so years ago, it could take months to collect the materials needed for one’s own education - especially if specialist knowledge was involved. However, with the Internet becoming ever-more popular, getting hold of the necessary information takes less and less time. This trend is clearly visible in the case of pupils or students who once used a single summary or elaboration of a topic found in the library, while nowadays extensive online reference material is at everyone’s disposal.

However, some people may be deterred by the sheer quantity of materials available online. At present, almost every website and every blog sells e-books with training material on any subject. This situation makes it difficult to find something for yourself and distinguish valuable sources from fraudulent information. That is why it is worth using proven products, such as educational packages containing cryptocurrency units.


Educational package with cryptocurrency

Educational packages with cryptocurrency have been available on the market for several years now. The aim of the creators of these packages was to encourage the purchase of training materials by the addition of free cryptocurrency units. Apart from access to materials containing all kinds of courses, articles, webinars or analyses, the customers are provided with cryptocurrency tokens, thanks to which they can use the acquired knowledge in practice and cash in the tokens when they consider it a good investment decision.

Packages of this type are directed to beginners, who are planning to make their first cryptocurrency investment. Educational materials explain the investment process, the specificity of investing in e-coins, and provide detailed analyses of individual cryptocurrencies. The focus on the fundamentals is one of the major advantages of the educational packages with cryptocurrency – as a result, everyone can use them.


Get your package - Cryptoeddu

Cryptoeddu is a special type of an intermediary platform, where every investor can access the selected cryptocurrency using two different methods. The first method is the purchase of an educational cryptocurrency package on the website – the user then only buys educational materials and receives a certain amount of money for free in the form of cryptocurrency.

There is also a possibility to collect the cryptocurrency which has previously been purchased as part of the package from a website different from Cryptoeddu. The packages can be purchased from Cryptoeddu partners. You then only need to enter the eight-digit code provided with the package to gain access to free cryptocurrency tokens.

Compared to other websites where you can buy cryptocurrency, Cryptoeddu has positive feedback – it is distinguished by cooperation with numerous companies offering free-of-charge cryptocurrency units provided with the training.

How to do it using the Cryptoeddu platform?

The Cryptoeddu platform includes, among others, the Ripple Plus package which can be purchased at a reduced price. The Ripple Plus Package contains various educational materials on investing in cryptocurrency, technology, security and risk-related issues, with details on how to invest in the Ripple cryptocurrency.


All the packages offered on the Cryptoeddu website are aimed at explaining the subject-specific essentials to a person who has previously never considered investing in cryptocurrency. Moreover, each package comes with free Ripple tokens. The number of tokens depends on the selected package – Cryptoeddu gives you the opportunity to purchase the Ripple Startup Package without a discount.

 Collect your cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency units included in the package are stored in an individual wallet in the Cryptoeddu store. The eight-digit code found on the document enclosed with the Educational Package allows you to view and dispose of the cryptocurrency.


To collect Ripple units, click the “Collect cryptocurrency” tab. The tab is visible at the top of the screen. A window will then open in which you must enter the code you received and the email address you entered when you placed your order.

 This way, you can start your adventure in the world of investments with free Ripple cryptocurrency units and a comprehensive set of educational materials. 



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