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Check out the beginner's guide to building successful email templates

Check out the beginner's guide to building successful email templates
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Email marketing is a powerful online marketing tool. At the same time, most of email newsletters become a flop. How to build successful email templates which your subscribers will love getting in their inboxes?


Email templates fundamentals – plan them on a piece of paper

Before you send your first email newsletter, plan it properly! You can start with hand-written sketch including essentials of your email template, such as:

  • wrapper – it is a frame of your mailing. Standard email templates are 600px wide which ensures that email newsletters will display properly.

  • header – it is an image banner located at the top of your mailing and identifying your brand – company name and logotype. It should be eye-catching, but at the same time elegant and simple. If you make your header versatile, it will play nice with different email templates.

  • body – it is the bulk of a main content of your email newsletter, including the most important pieces of information.

  • footer – it is an area at the bottom of your email template where company contact details and unsubscription link are located.

  • subject line – it is the introductory part of an email that identifies what is email about. Subscribers see it as a first when landing in their inboxes.

  • preheader – it appears in the inbox next to the subject line, posing the brief introduction to the message, and usually summarizing the email newsletter content.

How to boost you email newsletter open rate?

Even if your subscribers sign up to your email newsletter, you don't have a guarantee that they will open your message. Once your email landed in their inboxes, subscribers can react differently – ignoring, deleting, designating the message as spam or simply opening it. How to improve the performance of your email marketing and rise your newsletter open rate?

Keep a weather eye on subject line and preheader

Subject lines and preheaders matter whether your addressees open your email or not. For that reason, try them to be eye-catching, personalized (you can call your subscribers their names) and even controversial. Use icons so that your email can stand out in your subscribers inboxes, but use them moderately, otherwise your message can land in spam folder. Remember that the shorter subject lines and preheaders are, the better. Keep them maximum 50 characters length, so that you will be able to say something meaningful, and at the same time will be sure your email gets displayed in full on most devices.

Try to activate those who ignore your emails

Not hearing anything back in response to your message can be really frustrating. Try to activate subscribers who delete or ignore your messages. How to do this? You can try to personalize communication by using phrases like Specially for you! You can also motivate your addressees to take an action by setting up a deadline for your offer, e.g.: Offer expires in 24 hours! It is likewise essential to use attractive calls to action, no matter if you deal with active or inactive subscribers. If none of the above helps, you should delete inactive subscribers from your addressees list, as they cause your emails deliverability rate drops.

Take care of technical issues of your email templates

Before sending your first email newsletter, spare a thought at check-marking some of the best practices for email coding, e.g.:

  • email weight – should be no more than 400 KB,

  • coding system – should be UTM-8,

  • font family – should be web-safe fonts, e.g.: Helvetica, Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Georgia,

  • images formats – should be .gif, .jpg, .png (but not heavier than 320 KB),

  • others.

If you follow above technical advices, you increase the chances for your email template to display properly on your subscribers devices.

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